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Menu pro skupiny Kutná Hora

We will prepare a customized menu

The basic offer consists of 21 menus in different price categories.

On request we can put together an entirely individual menu - according to specific requirements (reported allergies, vegetarian menu etc.).

Drinking water free of charge.

1/2017 Champignon soup, pork steak, potato mash, vegetable garnish 160,-
2/2017 Broccoli soup, roasted chicken leg, pasta, vegetable garnish 160,-
3/2017 Asparagus soup, meat skewer, roasted potatoes, vegetable garnish, desert 195,-
4/2017 Cauliflower soup, smoked pork leg, potato mash, cucumber, desert 195,-
5/2017 Leek soup, chicken breast, boiled potatoes and rice, vegetable garnish, desert 195,-
6/2017 Chicken broth with noodles, cod fillet, boiled potatoes, vegetable garnish, desert 195,-
7/2017 Vegetable soup, spaghetti with mushrooms and cheese, vegetable garnish, desert 195,-
8/2017 Beef broth with noodles, pork „Schnitzel“, boiled potatoes, vegetable garnish, desert 195,-
9/2017 Mushroom soup, fried cheese, boiled potatoes, Tartar sauce, vegetable garnish, desert 195,-
10/2017 Chicken broth with noodles, beef stew, dumplings, dessert 195,-
11/2017 Chicken broth with noodles, pork roll „Stara fara“, croquettes, vegetable garnish, desert + drink 250,-
12/2017 Cabbage soup, chicken roll, pasta, vegetable garnish, fruit salad + drink 250,-
13/2017 Czech onion soup, beef on cream, bread dumplings, cranberries, dessert + drink 250,-
14/2017 Leek soup, pork roast, bread dumplings, cabbage, desert + drink 250,-
15/2017 Bouillon with liver dumplings, roasted duck leg, dumplings, red cabbage, caramel custard + drink 250,-
16/2017 Garlic soup, stewed entercote viennese style with rice, ice cream + drink 250,-
17/2017 Creamy vegetable soup, baked trout, boiled potatoes, apple strudel + drink 250,-
18/2017 Broccoli soup, 1/2 pork knee roasted without bone, mustard, horseradish, boiled potatoes, desert + drink 250,-
19/2017 Leek soup, whole pork knuckle, mustard, horseradish, boiled potatoes, desert + drink 280,-
20/2017 Lentil soup, roasted pork ribs, boiled potatoes, cabbage salad, ice cream cup + drink 280,-
21/2017 Potato soup, Old Bohemian Plate, pancakes + drink 280,-

Prices include VAT and are final.

Reservations and bookings can be made at any time through the booking form, e-mail: or on the telephone number +420 602 938 165.